Research on agility in auditing: Help Moritz and take his survey

Monday morning Alex forwarded me an email in which Moritz asked him to participate in a survey for his master dissertation.

Today, four days later, we wrote a blog article and are supporting his work by asking you to participate in the survey.

Now this could mean, you could give me a virtual pat on the back, but that is not what this article is about.

The topic of Moritz’ master dissertation is:

“Agility in Audit – An empirical study on personality traits and an agile mindset”.

So lets support Moritz in his master dissertation and take the short time to take part in the survey.

You can be sure that we will of course keep you updated on Moritz’ findings and results.

Let’s take a quick look at the congress brochure of the DIIR (German Institute for Internal Audit) congress from last year 2019, because I had the impression that the topic “agile” was definitely a very present topic.

If you look for the word “agile” in the brochure you will find 17 hits.

On a total word count of 7952 words this is a ratio of 0.214%.

Seen from a slightly different perspective, at the congress, 2 of 58 specialist sessions contained the word “agile in the title, which is about 3.5% and sounds slightly more confident, don’t you think?

At this point, I hope it is clear I did not invest to much effort into cleaning the data.

But now let us get back to Moritz, with whom I had briefly spoken on the phone on Tuesday to discuss how we can help him.

I asked him how he came across the subject and he answered, as many students we supervise at zapliance generally answer:

“In a quite unspectacular way – I applied for a project advertisement at Fiducia & GAD IT AG. I thought the topic was exciting because I wanted to write a dissertation that was up to date and eventually could contribute to the industry.

This means that theoretical dissertations, which just end up at the bottom of the drawer, are not really a desirable goal for the majority of university students.

This is also another reason, why we at zapliance enjoy to actively support and supervise student projects.

When asked how he defines agile working in his own words, he told me the following:

“For me personally, agile work means that errors are tolerated without immediately receiving a lecture. The focus is on doing; often however it is not defined at the beginning what the result should look like. Results develop over time; new findings are incorporated into the auditing process and therefore offer more flexibility in auditing. This way, the colleagues themselves have more control over the result, which ultimately leads to more personal responsibility and awareness.”

So there is a direct connection to the personality profile?

“Exactly with the questionnaire I would like to find out, which personality profiles are available and furthermore explore if and how they are related to an agile mindset.”

Well now it is in your hands to help Moritz and his work and regardless of your current level of knowledge, to support this master thesis with your anonymous feedback!

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