About us

At zapliance we say Moin!

We are a team of business professionals, developers and scientists from Hamburg.

How we work

Complexity can be this simple

We have turned the way we work into a cycle. The basis of everything is feedback from our customers and partners, which we continuously transform to become better and better.

In short

We enable finance, audit und compliance professionals on their continuous business transformation. Human-centric, data-based, context-driven.

The zapDNA

We stand for




Professional Excellence


Our Team

Nice to meet you

Alexander Rühle

CEO & Co-Founder

Nick Gehrke

Chief of Data and Knowledge & Co-Founder

Felix Greve

Chief of Software

Ivone Trommer

Customer Success Lead

Dennis Ha

Customer Success Manager

Melanie Bröhan

Customer Success Specialist

Isabel Zernig

Inside Sales Specialist

Iryna Unguryan

Marketing Managerin

Amir Rahimi

Data Scientist 

Linh Grethe

People & Culture Lead

Marie Stein

People & Culture |  Dual Student

Stephan Gärtner

Software Developer

Jan-Oke Mettendorf

Software Developer


Good Vibes Specialist


Feel Good Manager

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Das zu prüfende SAP System ist stark gecustomized, die Zeit für vorbereitende Analysen ist knapp, die Datenbeschaffung ist belastend und du hast ohnehin bereits alle Hände voll zu tun. Selbst wenn bereits Datenanalysen durchgeführt werden, müssen die bestehenden Skripte an das zu prüfende SAP angepasst werden. Das alles ist aufwendig und hält das Team von den eigentlich wertschaffenden Tätigkeiten ab.


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