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In any organization, there is a risk that invoices are entered twice and paid multiple times despite existing internal controls. Such duplicate payments are simply inconvenient. Identifying them in your SAP and continuously eliminating the structural causes of errors leads to a robust and agile control system – and additional cash flow for your organization.

Our solution Cash Recovery AI creates security by uncovering structural causes of errors.

Based on the collective know-how of our zapCash software, the AI ensures that the knowledge is comprehensible and easy to apply for your team and can be transferred into the corporate context together with us. In the end, you and your team will be able to independently and continuously identify duplicate payments, get to the bottom of the causes and eliminate them.

Avoid structural causes of errors

Covered for these cases:

Against duplicate payments

Double and triple secured

Our complete solution consists of the following components:

The zapCash AI identifies and prioritizes liabilities that have been entered twice. Thus, the software automates the SAP data deduction, refines the data based on our expertise and prepares it for the Collective AI. In any case, the data stays with you!

The zapCash AI learns continuously from all our customers. It learns the patterns that have led to double-entered liabilities and recognizes which patterns are normal and even desired. You benefit from this from the first minute and receive continuously re-evaluated result lists.

It is our mission to provide you with the best possible support in organizational and technical preparations. When you sign a contract, you will be assigned a personal Customer Success Specialist who will first define your goals with you and then provide you with ongoing support in implementing them and dealing with the day-to-day challenges.


In audit preparation, we contrast the relevant results found in zapCash in Power BI and then integrate them into teams. There we present the tasks clearly and can coordinate them in the team. In the audit, questions can be clarified there directly with the specialist contact persons and the relevant documents can be stored centrally.

We know that there is not always time for the independent duplicate payment check by the internal audit or specialist department. That’s why we take care of this for you and evaluate whether the service was actually provided for the identified liabilities. We will be happy to discuss whether we can also handle the subsequent recovery for you in an initial meeting.

Our software has the option to run additional data apps. If you have individual questions that are not included in our standard software, we develop the queries for you and use the existing zapliance infrastructure for the automated execution of the analyses.

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