Automate process analysis in your SAP.

We enable finance, audit and compliance professionals on their continuous business transformation. Data-based, people-centric, context-driven.

Continuous added value

Transform your finance, audit or compliance organization

Does your business deal with processes that eat up valuable time and potential revenue? This is exactly where our solutions come in.

"We automate everything possible in the SAP environment in terms of data analytics to enable business experts to turn analytics results into concrete added value quickly and to the point."
Alexander Rühle, CEO

Focused on your goal

Our solutions

Start the digital transformation in your organization now. Data-based, with context and empathy.

Digital Audit Preparation

Prepares you optimally
for a specific audit
with a specific goal
based on data.

Recovery AI

Find money.
identify root causes.
Enable with AI.


The data-based 360° review provides security
and reveals
optimization potential.

Continuous Control Monitoring


At the push of a button

Our software

Benefit from our knowledge-based AI and process mining technology for SAP data.


Identify risks and opportunities in SAP processes.
Fully automated at the push of a button.


Identify duplicate payments.
Through AI and the experience of 1500 customers.


Data monitoring - reduced to the essentials.

zapliance in numbers


percent time savings through our methodology


percent faster than traditional data analytics


percent investment for the change in your company

What our customers say

High level of acceptance among auditors and auditees

“With the help of zapliance, our auditors were able to use the 150 SAP audit questions immediately. The software is very easy to use and requires neither know-how about the SAP data model nor programming skills from the auditor. This ensures a very high level of acceptance among the auditors and also the auditees themselves.”

– Wolfgang Burr

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