Digital Audit Preparation

Prepares you optimally for a specific audit based on data.

In traditional audit preparation, too much time is spent on non-value-added activities.

In addition to the manual extraction of data, data preparation is particularly time-consuming. Normalizing data, linking tables and adapting audit questions to the individual SAP system are resource-intensive and popular sources of error.

One thing is for sure:
Data analysis always produces too large a set of potential hits!

The data analyst often lacks detailed knowledge of the audit request and the audited entity. The auditor usually lacks knowledge of the SAP data model, SAP customizing and the analyses performed. Or: The audited unit struggles with the audit because it is unclear what to expect. How should the auditor prioritize the always too large amounts of data without fear of annoying the department with irrelevant questions or omitting essential information?

Digital Audit Preparation optimally prepares you as a professional auditor for a concrete audit - all based on your own SAP data.

In the first step, our zapAudit software runs through an automated data analysis for you – completely without a data analyst.

The software provides a wide range of valuable information. In the Digital Audit Preparation Workshop, we then work with you to prioritize the results based on the assignment, the company context, and our experience.

The result is a prioritized list of questions that your team will take into the audit. The workshop format takes the subject auditors with you and is a pragmatic and hands-on training that enables your team to ask better questions.

Use cases

Versatile and fast application

Perfect preparation

Successfully complete the audit in an instant

Our complete solution consists of the following components:

Our software zapAudit extracts your SAP data to your server, reconstructs the processes and audits the data using over 150 questions. The final report guides you as a subject matter expert to methodically assess the results in your business context.

In the workshop, we survey the audit objective and jointly develop the “big picture” of the audited unit. We then conduct the preliminary audit and present the results to you in two two-hour workshops. For full participation you will receive a certificate and 7 CPE points.

We methodically prepare the automated zapAudit results. According to your individual objectives, we create a dashboard in Power BI – the ideal representation for cross-company multi-year benchmarks. For optimal internal collaboration, the results can also be integrated into teams and assigned tasks.

It is our mission to provide you with the best possible support in organizational and technical preparations. When you sign a contract, you will be assigned a personal Customer Success Specialist who will first define your goals with you and then provide you with ongoing support in implementing them and dealing with the day-to-day challenges.


In audit preparation, we contrast the relevant results found in zapAudit in Power BI and then integrate them into teams. There we present the tasks clearly and can coordinate them in the team. In the audit, questions can be clarified there directly with the specialist contact persons and the relevant documents can be stored centrally.

We are auditors with heart – for over 15 years. Anyone who has worked with us knows that we clearly communicate what we can and especially what we can’t do. If you want to hire us or our network partners to do your audit, feel free to let us talk.

Our software has the option to run additional data apps. If you have individual questions that are not included in our standard software, we develop the queries for you and use the existing zapliance infrastructure for the automated execution of the analyses.

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