It’s Data Science Time: Share your audit challenges with us!

“We interrupt the current program for an important announcement.” When you hear a sentence like that on the radio or television these days, you usually don’t have a very good feeling at first. This time, however, we would ask you to hear us out.

Perhaps you have had the impression for some time that your data in SAP is holding something back and owes you some answers to a variety of questions? Then here is your chance! We will take on the challenges you set us and respond to all your page requests (link at the bottom) and comments.

We all know those moments when you are one step away from despair, or feel like you are just banging your head against a brick wall. We want to give you the opportunity to finally find the answer to all your questions or challenges regarding data analysis in SAP, such as:

  • How to access your SAP data,
  • Which methods of analysis exist and
  • How data can be evaluated in order to find answers to the questions which arise during your audits?

It’s Data Science Time!

If you have a question you’d like to put to use, then we are ready to rise to the challenge! Simply let us know what your question is,  and if

  • the data required for this is contained in SAP, and if
  • the question may also be of general interest to other auditors.

We will be happy to work with you to find a possible solution!

The story so far

Some of the questions that we have already addressed so far, for example, include:

  • How can you detect invoices that have been paid twice among thousands of business transactions?
  • Who has repeatedly violated the principle of segregation of duties in related business transactions / processes?
  • How can unusual postings in Financial Accounting be found?
  • Which incoming invoices can be identified as statistical outliers based on their amount?
  • Which fixed assets have been sold at an unusually low cost?

Let us know your Data Challenge!

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