Hype, Ready, Attack – 2021 at Zapliance

Anyone who has watched the reality game show “7 vs. wild” on YouTube knows this introduction.

For everyone who doesn’t know it, it’s about seven contestants who must each endure at a lake in Sweden’s wilderness alone for seven days using only their clothes and up to seven items of their own choosing.

Our year 2021 felt the same for several reasons. One reason, of course, was Corona and the resulting remote-working.

The first days alone in the wilderness and the first days in a crisis are not so different:


Overview the situation.

Create and secure basic infrastructure.

What follows is experiencing the barriers of complex environments: left to our own devices, we very quickly reach our limits and realize that we are dependent on other people – in nature, but also in the business world.

The crisis of 2021 has mercilessly shown us, but also our customers, where our weak points are and where we have not done our homework.

It also showed us that it is always and at all times about people. We can gather as much expertise as we want – without humanity, we can’t move forward.

This made clear who we could rely on: our employees. This core is still there today and has been expanded by new faces. This brings a breath of fresh air into the company environment and together we can say at the end of the year our solutions have been further developed and we have learned and improved a lot in customer and project support.

Life – and this applies both privately and professionally – is not always easy and characterized by challenges. But, as cliché as it may sound, it makes us stronger and better.

We are entering 2022 with motivation, optimism and a lot of humanity – true to our new motto: Hype, Ready, Attack!

We have a lot planned and look forward to continuing on this path together with you. Together, we can become even better and continue to develop.

In this spirit, we wish you jolly holidays and a happy new year!

Your zapliance Team

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